Hair of the Dog EP


Record label
Audio Assault
Catalog Number
AAR 026
Release Date
June 25th 2007


A2MoeilijkRadial remix Bas Mooy
B2RecoverRadial remix Paul Mac

Premium techno label Audio Assault is still spreading its wings and gathers more and more followers across planet earth. Many years now the masterminds Bas Mooy and Jeroen Liebregts have guarded the imprints pure underground vibe and mechanical roughness with their life! Both men are established as solo producers and as part of various collabs. The most recent collaboration is the one of Jeroen Liebregts and Laurens van der Starre as RADIAL. Their stunningly powerful sound has triggered the imagination of many. You are witnessing the birth of a mind blowing, solid concept. Topped with two class A mixes from Bas Mooy and UK legend Paul Mac!