Sixty pt. 2

Dj Boss / Bas Mooy / Gunjack / Christian Wunsch

Record label
Planet Rhythm
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 20th 2018


C1Novinka 2 StarDj Boss
C2NachtschadeBas Mooy
D2Requestas ProgramadasChristian Wunsch

We are exited that a nerve wrecking period of careful selection and an anxious search for the most sublime collection of modern day techno has come to an end. With every end comes a new beginning and this 2 disq masterpiece Planet Rhythm album sets the marker for something new and raises the bar to incredible heights! In the footsteps of previous albums from pioneers like Adam Beyer (Decoded / Recoded) and Headroom (Shades of Shape), Planet Rhythm now unleashed another collection with todays major players and a sound that will make your head spin 360 degrees and warps you into a new era in 8 skull-crushing blows!