5 Years Anniversary Compilation

DJ-Mix Bas Mooy & Jeroen Liebregts

Record label
Audio Assault
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 1st 2007


1.02Three StormsIan Lehman
1.03SkuterDj Boss
1.04Machine for RestGo Hiyama remix Diabla Diezco
1.06Deep SeaAnton Pieete
1.07MoeilijkRadial remix Bas Mooy
1.08RevoltPatrik Skoog
1.09SuppliesBas Mooy & Vincent de Wit remix Mhonolink
1.10WunscharumbradaChristian Wunsch / Rumenige & Loktibrada
1.11NachtschadeBas Mooy
1.12Shot ThroughPaul Mac
1.13AngstgegnerBas Mooy
1.14FeelingGo Hiyama
1.15Fight the powerBas Mooy
1.16Crystal MethDiabla Diezco
1.17ZondagsschoolBas Mooy & Vincent de Wit
1.18HooliganDiabla Diezco
1.19RoffoSpeedy J
1.20Strapped onGrovskopa
1.21UntitledOlga & Jozef remix Rumenige & Loktibrada
1.22A Sleepless MaliceDustin Zahn
1.23KdkickDj Boss
1.24Class of 96Glenn Wilson
1.25GarudaMarco Rane & Paul Boex
1.27Eating GlassBas Mooy & Vincent de Wit
2.01At the GrooveyardFiend & Friend
2.02DarminFiend & Friend
2.03American RevolverDustin Zahn
2.04TemplatesJeroen Liebregts remix Christian Wunsch
2.05GoldBrownAnton Pieete
2.06OndergrondsJeroen Liebregts
2.094TYDj Boss remix Radial
2.10Perfect Math 2Go Hiyama remix Jeroen Liebregts
2.11OriginFiend & Friend
2.12KeychainJeroen Liebregts
2.16180Oscar Mulero remix Brethern
2.17IbogaineBas Mooy & Charlton
2.18Off the recordDj Boss
2.19ThoughtGo Hiyama
2.20FrontiersGlenn Wilson
2.21RecoverRadial remix Paul Mac
2.23PhenomenaThe Anxious
2.24Son of a dawnLuka Baumann
2.25Replace or renameJeroen Liebregts

Audio Assault has been a main player in the techno scene since their kickstart five years ago. Over the years they always stayed true to their own unique vision on quality dark techno. After 25 releases on Audio Assault and 14 on sublabel Arms, labelowners Bas Mooy and Jeroen Liebregts decided it was time to release a compilation of what Audio Assault is all about. The result is a double cd, with a total of 52 tracks, leading you through the dark dungeons of techno, showcasing released and unreleased material from the likes of Speedy J, Glenn Wilson, Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunsch, DJ Boss, Patrik Skoog, Paul Mac, Radial, Diabla Diezco, Exium, Loktibrada, Bas Mooy, Jeroen Liebregts and many more. A 'must have' for all of you who have been supporting the label from day one!