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Jeroen Liebregts

Jeroen Liebregts (Netherlands)


Jeroen Liebregts



Jeroen Liebregts is in groups: Radial , Museum


Artist profile: Jeroen Liebregts

Jeroen Liebregts is a DJ/producer from Rotterdam and one of the owners of Audio Assault and ARMS records.
Jeroen started DJ'ing in '98, and picked up making music soon after.
His record-label Audio Assault was founded in 2002, followed up by sub-label ARMS about a year after.

Jeroen recently completed his study Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. ;)

Jeroen Liebregts CD
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
AARCD001 5 Years Anniversary Compilation Bas Mooy Jeroen Liebregts 2xCD
Jeroen Liebregts Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 11 records
UF 016 The Final Element Unknown Forces 12"
PRRUK069CD Propaganda pt. 2 Planet Rhythm 12"
NUMB 012 Cutting Fingers EP Numb 12"
DINNER 002 Dinner 02 Dinner records 12"
DINNER 001 Dinner 01 Dinner records 12"
ARMS 013 Fatal Mission EP Arms 12"
AAR 033 Hunter / Grazer Audio Assault 12"
AAR 028 Killer Door EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 019 Templates of life EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 011 Alliance IV Audio Assault 12"
AAR 007 Stamina EP Audio Assault 12"
Jeroen Liebregts tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 9 records
SUBMISS 013 Submissions 13 Submissions 12"
PRRUK 069 Propaganda Planet Rhythm 2x12"
ARMS 010 Brothers in ARMS Arms 2x12"
ARMS 009 Eternal soldiers EP Arms 12"
ARMS 004 Silent Witness EP Arms 12"
ARMS 003 I Need An Enemy EP. Arms 12"
ARMS 001 Against the Atoms EP Arms 12"
AAR 025 Two from 20 latter halfs EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 023 Shot through EP Audio Assault 12"

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