Best of 10 years Future Sickness

Various Artists

Record label
Future Sickness Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 8th 2016


1.01RunningCurrent Value
1.02Sickness & SufferingCounterstrike & Mumblz remix Donny
1.03Black Monday VIPCooh
1.04WaspC.A.2K & Cooh
1.05ScrapyardCurrent Value & Raiden
1.06Nightmare ManCurrent Value & Donny remix SPL
1.07OMGFreqax & Ogonek
1.08Train WreckKatharsys
1.09Rising Of RhinosLucio De Rimanez
1.10Room number one (Hardcore Fire)Absurd and C.A.2K
1.11BlackballDamage Inc
2.01Every Second VIPDetest
2.02EinsteinDJ Hidden
2.03Necessary EvilFragz & Deathmachine
2.04Violent ContentHallucinator
2.05RiotbringerNoize_Punishment remix Forbidden Society
2.06Origin of LifeSwitch Technique
2.08MetafluidMax Shade & Ogonek
2.09MatrixC.A.2K remix Katharsys
2.10Bottomless GraveLowroller
2.11Into The DarkTriamer & Nagato
2.12Bad MotherfuckerSatan

We are very proud to present our 'Best of 10 years Future Sickness' limited edition double cd! Comes in a sick 4 panel wallet with 2 cd's: Disk 1: darkstep/drum&bass containing 11 tracks Disk 2: crossbreed containing 12 tracks