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Forbidden Society

Forbidden Society



Artist profile: Forbidden Society

Perpetually evolving, growing and changing, Forbidden Society is an artist whose attitude reflects in his style of music; fast-paced, forward-thinking and with an aggressive edge. He tours the world, owns his own record label and promotes huge events in his native Czech Republic.

Forbidden Society CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
FSRECS010CD Thronecrusher Forbidden Society 2xCD
FSRECS007CD To The Threshold Forbidden Society CD
CDs with Forbidden Society tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
SICKCDX Best of 10 years Future Sickness 2xCD
9M OHM You Need Therapy Technical Itch CD
Forbidden Society Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 1 promos
MSAW 003*P Focus On Violence / Anti Trust Forbidden Society 12" PROMO
Forbidden Society Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 18 records
YSR002 ID / Run & hide Yellow Stripe Recs 12"
UNION003 Optic Nerve / Blood Extract Union Recs 12"
TANTRUM003 Can't Be Soft Counterstrike Remix / The Chain Forbidden Society Remix Tantrum 12"
SICK011 Riotbringer - Forbidden Society remix / Shelter Future Sickness Records 12"
MSAW 003 Focus On Violence / Anti Trust Mindsaw Recordings 12"
MENTALLY007 Psychosis / Domination Mentally Disturbed 12"
IDPDZ 004 Demons / C'est Mon Monde Independenza Records 12"
FSRECS010 Thronecrusher - Gatefold 2x12" LP incl downloads, poster and sticker Forbidden Society Recordings 2x12"
FSRECS009 Creator & Destroyer / Burn It Down Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FSRECS008 Resist The Pressure - Including bonus tracks via downloadlink Forbidden Society Recordings 2x12"
FSRECS007 To The Threshold - Including full album CD Forbidden Society Recordings 3x12"
FSRECS006 To The Threshold Album Sampler Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FSRECS005 Set It Off / Pain Threshold Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FSRECS004 Burn / War Ensemble Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FSRECS003 Destiny Eden Current Value remix / Lords of the Steel Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FSRECS002 Extreme Current Value remix / Redeemer Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FSRECS001 Control / Birth Cycle Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
CSRECS 002 Collaboration Part 2 Counterstrike Recordings 2x10"
Forbidden Society tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 6 records
NLG1KLP001 Lose Your Faith Nekrolog1k Recordings 2x12"
MANTICORE 004 Go Hard / Not Human Manticore 12"
HBRV008 March / Obituary Hells Basement Records 12"
HARDLINE 019 Consumed / Thugs Hardline Rekordingz 12"
GEN175008 Favorite Sin / This Never Happened One Seven Five 12"
FSRECS018 Purge EP [incl. download card] Forbidden Society Recordings 12"

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