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Sinister Souls

Sinister Souls (Netherlands)



Artist profile: Sinister Souls

The Sinister Souls are a producers-duo hailing from the city of Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Their music contains elements of Drum ‘n Bass, Breakcore, Techno and Dubstep.

Variation is a key element, no moments of dozing off into endless monotone subs and continues beats.

They set out for the noise that makes you want to jump up, run around and put on your bassface.

With their debut EP out on Rottun and loads of music forthcoming on several labels, they're one to watch!

Sinister Souls CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
PRSPCTCD006 Horns Up Sinister Souls CD
PRSPCTCD004 Beat The Drum Hard Sinister Souls CD
CDs with Sinister Souls tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 9 CDs
YSRLP003CD Invicutus Fragz CD
TNT011CD Hybrid Solutions Micromakine CD
PRSPCTMIXCD001 10 years of PRSPCT madness mixed by Thrasher CD
PRSPCTLP010CD Iconoclasm LP Hallucinator CD
MTR16CD Embracing the Unknown Atiq Enk CD
MTR14CD Frequencies Of The Mind 2 CD
FSRECS007CD To The Threshold Forbidden Society CD
Sinister Souls Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 10 records
YSR011 tbc Yellow Stripe Recs 12"
UNION009 Black Book / Into Our Claws Union Recs 12"
SUBT010 Subland Ep Subtrakt 12"
SUBSCUM008 In The Filth SCUM Recordings 2x12"
PRSPCTPACK003 PRSPCT salespack incl. 025 / 026 / 028 PRSPCT Recordings 3x12"
PRSPCTLP006 Horns Up - Including full album CD PRSPCT Recordings 2x12"
PRSPCTLP004 Beat The Drum Hard - Including full CD album PRSPCT Recordings 2x12"
PRSPCT025 Something Sinister / Go Psycho PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCT022 Earth Prime / Danger Time PRSPCT Recordings 12"
MTR 5 Borderline / Crackdown Mindtrick Records 12"
Sinister Souls tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 8 records
Q049 Lost In Dreams Q Dance 12"
PRSPCTSUB002 Nosebleed remixes PRSPCT Sub 12"
PRSPCTLP010 Iconoclasm LP [Clear & Solid Red Mixed Vinyl] PRSPCT Recordings 2x12"
PRSPCTLP009 15 Years Of PRSPCT PRSPCT Recordings 3x12"
PRSPCTLP005 Family Album - Including full album as download PRSPCT Recordings 3x12"
PRSPCTEP008 Satanism PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCTEP 005 Desolation PRSPCT Recordings 12"
HNR-MSC002 Lunar E.P. Hit 'n Run Music 12"

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